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DistinctivelyNW Pixie-Bobs





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DistinctivelyNW Retired Breeders Looking for Loving Homes
(for spay/neuter donation/adoption fee)

DistinctivelyNW Kara
Kara smiles for the camera! Kara loves to play with toys!  She likes to have human touch in the form of strokes and pets, brushing, a scratch or two but prefers not to be held.  She knows her name when called and will usually chat with you.  She of course loves meal time too!



Contact Linna for more information on this young adult companion.





RockyFalls Mustang Sally of DistinctivelyNW RockyFalls Mustang Sally of DistinctivelyNW

Sally is a daughter of Rolling Thunder and Naughty Pine. She has wonderful buckshot spotting and a tail that's just past the hock. She is a shy but very sweet girl with good size for a female.

She has given us some nice babies, and has been looking to find that special human to keep company. She would do best in a quiet home.

Contact Linna or Rusty If you think you would make a good life-long companion for this shy, and special needs girl. Unfortunately, due to her shyness, we can only consider local placement.





Retired Breeders