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The wonderful characteristics of a genuine Pixie-Bob include:
  • Busy yet non-destructive - They make perfect indoor pets.
  • Intelligent, inquisitive and easily trained.
  • Extremely quiet yet prone to expressing themselves with a chirp or chitter when happy.
  • Unusually strong bond with their family (especially the female cats).
  • Excellent companions for children and adults of all ages.
  • Socialize well with other animals.
  • Domestic litter box habits.


  • Wild face, reminiscent of the bobcat.
  • Muscular, rangy body, heavy bone structure, very loose skin and large feet including polydactyl.
  • Short or medium length coat that stands out.
  • Bobcat tail length desired, with occasional shorter or longer lengths produced.
  • A Pixie-Bob is accepted by TICA for ring competition in one color category only - Brown Spotted Tabby.
  • Color variations of Brown Spotted Tabby and shades of Rufus (wild redness) including: Fawn, Tan, Russet and Brown to Black markings with White ticking. Patterns vary, spotted preferred, broken bars and rosettes.
  • Size: Medium to large in size, Males are 12-20lbs. Females up to 12lbs.





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